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I love to read paranormal books, romance and dystopian books. I work with medications issues all day and like to read books that get me away from the real world.

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Demon Chained (The Shadowfae Chronicles, #5) - Erica Hayes Provided with a copy of this for my review. Not real sure what to think about this after reading it. A story of a romance between a corpse and a djinni. The author makes a disclaimer at the beginning that if you might be grossed out by romancing a corpse this might not be the book for you. I think she was right. I can handle some corpse things, ghouls, zombies, etc. However, the imagery was quite graphic and frankly gross sometimes. I think that it may say a lot (in a good way) about the author's way with words, imagination and writing style that the imagery was so clear to my mind that I could barely read on in a few parts. I appreciated that imagination during some of the steamier scenes though!That being said, the story was okay. The romance felt kind of scattered and forced sometimes. It was not a quick read for me, but not a waste of time to read the book. I may read another book of hers to see if other characters don't freak me out so much!