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I love to read paranormal books, romance and dystopian books. I work with medications issues all day and like to read books that get me away from the real world.

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Shadow's Curse (Imnada Brotherhood, #2) - Alexa Egan Provided a copy for my honest reviewThis book was pretty good. Not having read the other in the series, I had a concern that I might feel lost. I really didn't notice that I missed anything, so that was good. The story started off a little slow, in my opinion and then picked up about the last half. It was interesting, a good story line, characters that I liked, and a fairly quick read. All elements that I like in a book. This reminds me somewhat of the series I just read by Lydia Dare, but less light hearted. I notice that some Regency heroines are typecast in a rich girl that is defiantly sassy mode. I liked that this was not one of them. I liked that the hero was not perfect except for his one flaw of being to dominantly male and in love. I liked that they were imperfect yet still likable, which is not always easy to write. An enjoyable read.