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I love to read paranormal books, romance and dystopian books. I work with medications issues all day and like to read books that get me away from the real world.

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Wayfinder (Worldwalker Duology) - C.E. Murphy This was an ARC received from goodreads. Thanks so much!This is the second book in this series. Truthseeker is the first book. I did not read Truthseeker. After reading reviews of Truthseeker that said it ended in a cliffhanger, I was nto surprised to feel a little lost at the beginning of the book. Although I still enjoyed this book, it is definitely best read after the first. That being said, this was a good book. There were definitely some areas that I trudged through, but that was probably more due to my 4 year old constantly distracting me than the writing. The characters were interesting and enjoyable to read about. There was a lot of action. The ending, in my opinion, was great. I was quite surprised at some of the twists.This is my first book of CE Murphy's to read and I will definitely read more. I will probably go get the first in this series asap, then re-read this book.