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I love to read paranormal books, romance and dystopian books. I work with medications issues all day and like to read books that get me away from the real world.

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Bound by Night - Larissa Ione 4.5 starsDisclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewA new series by Larissa Ione set in a new world where vampires and humans are aware of each other and vampires are relegated to slaves, specimens and fugitive clans. The book started with a bang for sure. In the early chapters, I felt the world was not quite developed enough and I felt like I was issing a novella or something that set this up more sufficently. However, as the book progressed, the world became ore developed and some of the dynamics clearer. The main characters' story is interesting and hot. Nicole is likable and easy to sympathize with and cheer for. Riker is hot, alpha and has the right mix of sweetie. The development of their attraction is believable and explosive. The secondary characters are very interesting and I can not wait to read more of their stories. Overall, I enjoyed this book. In the same style as many of Ione's books, a good, solid, quick read that you don't regret. I look forward to more of this series.