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I love to read paranormal books, romance and dystopian books. I work with medications issues all day and like to read books that get me away from the real world.

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Practical Mischief - D.D. Scott I was provided a copy for my review.3.5/5 starsThere were parts of this book I really liked and parts that I wondered if they were written for a 12 year old. About half the book felt like it was missing backstory, to the point I had to triple check that this was the first book in the series. At about 80% through the book one of the holes was filled, but others remained.The main characters were quite likable and made me want to continue their journeys. I enjoyed the story when I wasn't wondering if I missed something. I thought it was a charming mix of many different series that I have read and enjoyed. It was a quick read and I would probably read more in the series.